Can’t blame the hormones….

So, is it possible to have 2 full weeks of PMS, keep it during the “M” part of the syndrome, and then for like a week afterwards?  Is that still PMS if it’s before, during, and after?  Can we change the P to “perpetual”?  Or is it possible that I need to get back on my meds?  Hmmmmm. 

While we all contemplate that possibility, I’m going to list some things I’m grateful for to see if it doesn’t shake me out of this foul mood.

1.  My mom surviving her aneurysm.  And still being an all around badass chick.

2.  My girls being so absolutely sweet and selfless.  When I was stressing about money tonight, Allie offered me her piggy bank and Avery “pinky squared” to quit asking me for new toys.

3.  Wholly Guacamole.  I hate pre-packaged guacamole, as a rule, but this stuff is addictive.  It’s been dinner for 3 out of 5 nights this past week.

4.  My sense of humor.  Because it must be really awful and painful to go through life without the ability to laugh at yourself.  Or at other people. 

5.  My family.  They’re just crazy enough to be interesting, but not so crazy that I’d pretend to not be related to them.  I hope they think the same of me.

6.  Bunny rabbits.  Like at the pet store?  The cute ones that stand on their back legs and groom their ears then go for the water bottle with a twitchy nose?  Wow.  I know rabbits are usually assholes in real life (well, the one I owned was) but these buggers were so cute that I couldn’t help but smile.

7.  Wireless internet.  For yays!

8.  Pharmacology.  For hope.

9.  Ron.  Because he always makes me smile.  Even if he’s not doing anything to intentionally make me smile.  Just knowing that at some point in the near future he is going to make me laugh, is enough to make me smile in anticipation.

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