Fun with Text Messaging

or “Why I Love my Sister”

Took Linz to happy hour with me last night.  She needed a teeny break from the exhausting world of SAHM-dom where she eats bon bons on the couch while watching Dr. Phil all day.  Actually Prestyn is almost 2 months and Cayden is right in the middle of the funnest part of being 2, so her days are more like hand-to-hand combat.  If anyone needed a couple hours away, it’s her.  Her husband was happy to “let” her go and “babysit” the kids, but insisted she be home by 8 pm.  We didn’t leave the house until nearly 7 because the husband was at the tanning salon of all places.  So we bumped our curfew accordingly to 9pm.  Dramatic, but hilarious pseudo-tantrums were the result of this decision.

8:18 – Jerry texts – “Have you left yet?”

I conspire with Linz on the best way to irritate him good naturedly and we drafted the following response.

8:25 – Linz texts – “Can’t find shirt.”

Which is so apt in its brevity and comedy and all the implied drunken sluttiness.

8:32 – Jerry texts – “Baby crying in closet. I’m taking Cayden to Hooters.”

Touche.  So he clearly knows the rules of the game.

8:41 – Linz texts – “Amateur nite at strip club.  I’m up next.  Will bring home money.”

After that, he didn’t really write anything back.  And judging by his reaction when we walked in, he was a teensy bit irritated.  But eventually he acknowledged the humor in the situation.  Because really, how could you not?

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