We interrupt this regularly scheduled whining…

Yikes.  I just realized how many of my recent posts have been doom and/or gloom.  I don’t want to be that person who whines about every single thing in her life.  And though I’ve many legitimate things to fret about, I’m going to stop that right now.

I should probably get back on board that gratefulness posting I was doing before my neurotransmitters went on vacation last week.  But for now, I’ll settle for making a list of things that have made me smile or laugh this week.

1.  Watching Avery attempt a running cartwheel.  She runs, screeches to a halt, then throws her entire body forward, hands out.  Sometimes it ends up a cartwheel, sometimes…. well, lets just say I should own stock in Band-Aid.

2.  Playing “Wonder Pets” with the girls at the park.  We rescued a Care Bear and Winnie the Pooh from the top of a soccer goal.  Allie even videotaped it.

3.  Watching old videotapes from 1998 and wondering if it was painful to wear pants with such a high rise.  Also wondering if I am really as spacey as I appear on film.  Please say no, even if the answer is yes.

4.  Watching “Firefly” on DVD, River Tam says “…and also, I can kill you with my brain.”  That’s funny shit right there, I don’t care who you are.

5.  Getting Flexeril in the mail from April, which was almost as potent as the Sharpie fumes emanating from the note in which they were enclosed.

6.  On America’s Next Top Model last week, Mr. Jay asked Renee why all the girls hated her.  She responded, “I’m a bitch.”  Also, funny, no matter who you may be.

7.  Carley finding me CrazyMeds.org and realizing that there are other people with my exact diagnosis who are better medicated and more functional.  Nothing makes me smile like hope.

8.  Avery telling me a lovely story about the ghost who woke her up Saturday night to tickle her back.  He then ran away to the woods, where he was eaten by a snake.

9.  Spending an hour alone in IKEA.  Just me.  No one else.

10.  The prospect of going to Colorado for Easter to visit my family and take lots of pictures of rocks and flowers.  Oh, and of my family too.

11.  Good old fashioned schadenfreude.  I wouldn’t be me without it…

See, I can be shiny and happy!  Also, try and look at these pictures and not smile.  It’s impossible….




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