3:00 pm (PST) – My Ode to April

April can probably now set her watch by the sound of her phone ringing. I got in this nasty habit of calling her everyday when I left work. 5:00pm here in Texas was 3:00pm her time, and she even answers the phone sometimes “Is it three o’clock already?” I’m one of those people who has a hard time being in my car and not talking on the phone. (Yes, I’m that person. Go ahead and curse me now.) I used to call Mom whenever I was bored. It wasn’t uncommon for us to talk five or more times a day. My sister called her that often too. When Mom had her aneurysm, that was the trigger that made it more real. I’d pick up my phone and press the number 4, which would speed dial Mom’s cell phone. It usually took me that long to remember that she was laying in ICU at LSU Medical Center, and I couldn’t tell her all about my stressful day, what funny things had happened, or just say hi. April has always served as my surrogate big sister, and once I couldn’t talk to my mom everyday, she also filled that role for me. There for awhile I probably called her 5 times a week. Sometimes we’d talk for nearly an hour. Sometimes just a few minutes. But knowing there was someone in the world I could call and talk about nothing with, took away that emptiness left when I lost Mom’s voice. I’m trying to get much better about not calling her. I know she is busy with those sweet kids, those amazing pages, and the inspiring photography. But it’s just an addiction I can’t shake. For some people, the smell of apple pie or the sound of a lullabye is soothing. For me, it’s the sound of April unloading her dishwasher, while Sophie asks if it’s Cinderella on the line and Aiden wrestles with the cat in the background. Even though we’re two time zones away, I know I can always pick up the phone and feel like I’m at home.

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